What Our Surrogtes are Saying...

  "I have been with Baby Miracles for about 10 years and would like to share my experience with you. I have been a surrogate six times and delivered four sets of twins and two singletons. Each surrogacy was different and special in its own way - I truly enjoyed each one! Remembering the parents' faces when they held their babies is something that I will treasure always and be proud of being a part of; I am truly blessed.
  I'm now retired as a surrogate, but as a staff member of Baby Miracles, I am able to share in other surrogates' journeys. It's great talking with our surrogates and hearing about their experiences, attending ultrasounds, and helping them in any way I can to have the very best experience.
  If you are going to be a surrogate, let me just say that it is a journey that you will treasure forever!"



Just the fact that you are contemplating becoming a Surrogate Mother or, if you are an experienced Surrogate, considering helping another couple to experience parenthood, speaks to attributes of compassion and empathy - key emotions we look for in our Surrogate Moms.

Surrogacy is a wonderful opportunity for a couple to have a baby that is the biological child of one or both of the Prospective Parents. By the time many couples pursue surrogacy, they have endured years of fertility treatments that have resulted in loss and disappointment. Surrogacy is not their first choice, but it may be the only one that will allow them to experience the joy of having a baby that is biologically related to one or both of them. As wonderful as that opportunity is, it can be overwhelming to contemplate trusting in a woman that they don't know to carry their most precious little one. That's where we (and you) come in. Baby Miracles has been helping couples for over 17 years to become parents. It is incredibly rewarding to see the sadness and uncertainty turn into joy when they find out that they are "expecting" and that you are making it possible!
From the time you choose a couple to work with until the birth of their baby takes approximately one year. During this time, Baby Miracles' staff will be taking this journey with you, doing our utmost to ensure you have a wonderful surrogacy experience.

Baby Miracles assists couples exclusively via Gestational Surrogacy, whereby pregnancy is achieved through In Vitro Fertilization ("IVF") by transferring embryos into the uterus of the gestational carrier, a quick and painless procedure. With this type of surrogacy, the Surrogate is not biologically related to the baby she will carry.

Qualification Criteria - Surrogates

 To be considered for participation in Baby Miracles' Surrogate Mother program, prospective Surrogate Mothers must meet certain criteria; she must 

    • * be between the ages of 23 and 36; exceptions may be made for repeat Surrogates and recent healthy pregnancies
      * have borne at least one child whom she is currently raising
      * have easy, uncomplicated pregnancies
      * have a body mass index (bmi) that meets clinic guidelines (generally 30.9 and under)
      * be healthy and free of sexually-transmitted diseases
      * be a non-smoker for at least 3 years; never taken illegal drugs
      * not be alcohol-dependent and abstain from drinking any alcohol during pregnancy
      * not be receiving welfare (government subsidized medical insurance okay)
      * have a good support system with the full support of her spouse (if any), and have a stable, healthy living environment
      * be willing to self-administer hormone injections or have someone to help, if part of clinic's protocol
      * have a primary motivation other than financial compensation
      * reside in a surrogacy-friendly state


      Qualification Criteria - Prospective Parents

      Prospective Parents must also meet specific criteria to participate in our program; they must

      * have a medical necessity for using a Surrogate Mother
      * be a married couple (or in a long-term, committed relationship)
      * have a stable relationship and live in a healthy environment conducive to raising children
      * one of the couple must be 55 years of age or younger
      * both partners must be committed to the surrogacy process
      * be willing to interact with the surrogate and participate in the pregnancy to the greatest extent possible
      * agree there will be no reduction or termination for gender

      Baby Miracles does not represent couples who wish to pursue anonymous surrogacy as we believe the surrogacy experience is too important to be reduced to a business transaction. It should be shared.