Step-By-Step Process

Screening and Registration

Baby Miracles has a seven-step screening and registration process, as follows:

Step 1. Initial Eligibility Determination - via e-mail and/or telephone to determine whether you meet our program criteria
Step 2. Telephonic Interview - to obtain further information and review the surrogacy process (15-20 minutes);
Step 3. Registration Documents - complete documents, received by Baby Miracles
Step 4. Registration Meeting - you and your spouse/partner (if applicable) will meet with the Director (2-3 hours)
Step 5. Medical Records – receipt of copies of medical records relating to pregnancies and deliveries
Step 6. Pap Smear - results of a current pap (within one year)
Step 7. Criminal Background Check - conducted by agency on Surrogate and spouse/partner, if applicable

Step 1. Initial Eligibility Determination
Upon receipt of your Surrogate Mother Inquiry via our website, e-mail, or phone inquiry, we will send you an informational booklet regarding surrogacy and Baby Miracles' program. If, after reviewing that information, you would like to take the next step...

Step 2. Telephonic Interview
You will have a telephonic interview with one of our staff members who will ask more extensive questions (sometimes this interview is combined with Step 1). This is also an opportunity to have all of your questions answered to help you decide whether you wish to move forward with registration.

Step 3. Registration Documents
Upon receipt by Baby Miracles of all registration documents, they will be thoroughly reviewed and if there is any missing documents or information, you will be notified.

Step 4. Registration Meeting
You and your spouse/partner (if any) will meet with Baby Miracles' Director, either by video chat or in person (depending upon your location), during which there will be a thorough review of our program and the surrogacy process. This is a good opportunity for you to ask any additional questions and for your spouse/partner to as well. We want you both to be 100% comfortable moving forward.

Step 5. Medical Records
Your medical records relating to your pregnancies and deliveries will be obtained and reviewed.

Step 6. Pap Smear
Negative pap results within one year will also be required.

Step 7. Criminal Background Check
A criminal background check will be run on you and your spouse/partner (if any), after which you will be deemed registered with Baby Miracles.

From initial contact until registration is completed generally takes two to three weeks, depending upon how quickly the medical records can be obtained.

Matching to a Couple
Once you are registered with Baby Miracles, your profile will be sent to one or more couples that match your stated preferences and
requirements. When a couple expresses interest, their profile will be sent to you for review - you will have the same opportunity to decide whether they might be the right couple for you. If you are interested in them, arrangements are made to meet the couple, either in person or via video chat conference call (depending upon the parties' locations), which will be attended by the Director or a Baby Miracles Coordinator. After the meeting (or two meetings, as the parties wish), you and the couple are given a few days to decide if you want to work together. If so, you are officially matched!

Establish Escrow Account
An account with an independent bonded escrow company, selected by Baby Miracles, must be established prior to moving forward. All payments to be made to you or on your behalf for a singleton, uncomplicated pregnancy, pursuant to the Surrogacy Agreement the parties will sign, must be deposited into this account prior to the embryo transfer. Once It has been opened and funded, medical screening will be scheduled.

Confirm Health Insurance
If you have a policy of health insurance, we will need to review a copy to determine whether it will cover a surrogate pregnancy. If it does not, or if you do not have health insurance coverage, the Intended Parents will pay for a policy on you for the pregnancy and for a period of time following delivery. Due to federal insurance regulations relating to open enrollment for health insurance, it may be necessary either to coordinate the timing of a cycle such that obstetrical care would commence at approximately 11 weeks of pregnancy or for your couple to purchase a “gap” policy. These matters will be discussed at the matching stage. The Case Coordinator will assist you in obtaining a policy for which the cost of premiums, co-pays and deductibles will be paid by the Intended Parents.

Medical and Psychological Screening
You and your husband/partner (if any), and the Prospective Parents (or Egg Donor, if applicable) will undergo medical screening to ensure there are no communicable diseases. You will also have additional testing and procedures to confirm your suitability as a surrogate as well as a psychological evaluation. Some clinics will require the Prospective Parents to also undergo a psychological evaluation.

Surrogay Agreement
Following successful completion of medical and psychological screening, a Surrogacy Agreement will be entered into between the parties. Once all parties have signed the contract, you may commence medications.

The Cycle Begins
The clinic will set the cycle calendar and order medications.

The Embryo Transfer
Following the embryo transfer, you may have one to three days of rest or bed rest, as prescribed by the fertility specialist. A beta hCG blood test will be performed approximately 10-14 days following the date of the embryo transfer to determine whether you are pregnant. If the first beta is positive, a second beta is generally performed two days later to confirm the number is increasing appropriately.

Pregnancy Confirmation
Upon confirmation of pregnancy by blood test, you will be scheduled for an ultrasound which will take place approximately four weeks following the date of the embryo transfer, during which the fetal heartbeat(s) can be visualized. You will have additional ultrasounds to confirm fetal development and continue on supplemental hormone therapy until approximately 9-12 weeks of pregnancy, after which you will "graduate" from care by the fertility clinic and begin seeing an obstetrician.

There is much more to the steps listed above as well as many more between pregnancy confirmation and delivery which will be discussed in detail with you personally during the Registration Meeting and confirmed in writing in process letters as your surrogacy arrangement progresses.

From a Surrogate's Husband ...

  "Once the Intended Parents were strangers and then they became friends…
The stories behind the stories of Intended Parents and surrogacy have really touched me.
I am very humbled to be a part of the surrogacy relationship my wife and I are involved in. To observe what my wife goes through as a surrogate enhances my devotion and love for her. I really admire her strength. She has really given a piece of her soul to strangers and I believe she will be awarded 10 fold once we are given the privilege to watch [names omitted] hold the child they have wished for.
What I have experienced in the last year has truly made me a better person.