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What Our Clients are Saying...

"My husband and I have been married for 10 years and so much wanted a child to be a part of our family, but I had to have an emergency hysterectomy very shortly after we were married. We were searching the internet and found multiple sites on surrogacy. From just reading Roxanne's words, we felt a sense of "heart" and being nurtured. Roxanne helped find a surrogate that matches me, my values, my feelings perfectly. ...we can never say enough “thank you's” to her for making our dream a reality.
  From the bottom of our hearts, Baby Miracles and Roxanne have truly been a gift from above and we would not be having a baby without them both."
  T & T, Arizona

Step-By-Step Process

Initially, the surrogacy process may seem a little daunting. We believe that there is no such thing as too much information, starting from the time a couple begins to explore this path to parenthood and throughout the pregnancy and delivery. For this reason, we have designed our website to provide comprehensive information - nothing is hidden and there will be no surprises. There are many steps and ensuring everything proceeds smoothly is essential to all parties having a carefree and enjoyable experience.

Below is an overview of the steps from the time you contact us through confirmation of pregnancy. It is only an overview; the specific details relating to each step from initial contact hrough delivery is contained in the information that will be sent to you.

The steps in the pre-registration process are:
  (1) Upon receipt of your Prospective Parent Inquiry, e-mail, or call, we will send you an informational booklet regarding surrogacy and Baby Miracles' program, along with a Schedule of Fees & Estimated Expenses.
  (2) Should you decide Baby Miracles may be the agency for you, a complimentary “mutual interview/meeting” will be scheduled with the agency Director, in which only one of the Prospective Parents is required to participate. During this meeting there will be a discussion of your specific situation, a cursory review of the surrogacy process, and an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.
(3) Should you decide Baby Miracles may be the agency for you, a complimentary “mutual interview/meeting” will be scheduled with the agency Director, in which only one of the Prospective Parents is required to participate. During this meeting there will be a discussion of your specific situation, a cursory review of the surrogacy process, and an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. At this time, we would be happy to provide you with the profiles of any potential available surrogate candidates that match with your preferences and requirements. If at that time there is a waiting list, you will be notified as to how many couples are then registered and awaiting a match. Please keep in mind that not all couples will be appropriate for all surrogates and vice versa. So, even if there are couples registered ahead of you, the available surrogates may not match their criteria.

Registration with Baby Miracles
Once you and Baby Miracles both elect to move forward, you will be sent registration documents to complete and return to the agency. Upon receipt of the documents and registration fee, a meeting with the Director will be scheduled in which both Prospective Parents must attend or participate, whether in-person, via video chat, or telephonic conference call. During this meeting, there will be a thorough step-by-step review of the surrogacy process and we will discuss many surrogacy-related issues, including your expectations and desires with respect to your surrogate and the type of surrogacy experience you wish to have. Once completed, you will be deemed registered with Baby Miracles.
Locating and Meeting Your Surrogate
Once you are registered, we will do our utmost to match you to a Surrogate that meets your stated preferences and requirements. Generally, we have a number of Surrogate candidates to choose from at any given time. The profiles and photos of available Surrogates who meet your preferences and requirements will be provided to you. When you have reviewed the profile of a Surrogate you are interested in meeting, contact us and we will call the Surrogate and tell her briefly about you and provide her with a copy of your profile (omitting confidential pages) for her review.

If the parties agree to meet, a meeting will be scheduled either at Baby Miracles' office or via telephonic or video conference call, which will be facilitated by the agency's Director. After the meeting (or two meetings, as the parties wish), you and the Surrogate are given a few days to decide if you want to work together. Most parties know immediately if it is a good "fit".

Securing Your Surrogate
Once you and a Surrogate decide to work together, your Surrogate will be placed on "reserved" status for seven (7) calendar days to allow a sufficient amount of time for us to receive the first installment of the Agency Fee.

Process Letters
Upon matching, the parties will be sent process letters relating to all matters pertaining to their surrogacy arrangement up to confirmation of pregnancy. Prospective Parents' letter will contain specific itemizations of escrow deposits to be made as set forth below. Additional process letters will be sent throughout the surrogacy arrangement.

Establish Escrow Account
An account with an independent bonded escrow company, selected by Baby Miracles ("Escrow Account"), must be opened to make disbursements on your behalf. Upon receipt by the escrow company of fully signed Escrow Instructions and the initial deposit (an amount sufficient to cover preliminary expenses), medical screening will be scheduled. Not less than two weeks prior to the anticipated embryo transfer, an amount sufficient to pay all expenses associated with your Surrogate for a singleton, uncomplicated pregnancy will be required.

Obtain Health Insurance (if applicable)
If the Surrogate has a health insurance policy that contains a specific provision that it will cover a surrogacy-related pregnancy or has no exclusionary language, you may elect to have her utilize her insurance (provided she agrees) and you will be responsible for co-pays and deductibles associated with maternity care and delivery. If the Surrogate either does not have insurance or her policy does not specifically include surrogacy coverage, she will need to apply for an individual policy for which you would be responsible for the premiums, co-pays and deductibles, as the case may be. In such event, you would be presented with various plan options, which your Case Coordinator will review with you. Note: due to federal insurance regulations relating to open enrollment for health insurance, it may be necessary either to coordinate the timing of a cycle such that obstetrical care would commence at approximately 11 weeks of pregnancy or for you to purchase a “gap” policy. These matters will be discussed at the matching stage.

Medical and Psychological Screening
The Surrogate, her husband/partner (if any), and the Prospective Parents will undergo medical screening to ensure there are no communicable diseases. The Surrogate will also have additional testing and procedures to confirm her suitability as a surrogate as well as a psychological evaluation. Some clinics will require the Prospective Parents to undergo a psychological evaluation as well.

Surrogacy Agreement
Following successful completion of medical and psychological screening, a Surrogacy Agreement will be entered into between the parties. Once all parties have signed the Agreement, the Surrogate may commence medications.

The Cycle Begins
The clinic will set the cycle calendar.

The Embryo Transfer
Following the embryo transfer, your Surrogate may have one to three days of rest or bed rest, as prescribed by your fertility specialist. A beta hCG blood test will be performed approximately 10-14 days following the date of the embryo transfer to determine whether she is pregnant. If the first beta is positive, a second beta is generally performed two days later to confirm the number is increasing appropriately.

Pregnancy Confirmation
Upon confirmation of pregnancy by blood test, your surrogate will be scheduled for an ultrasound which will take place approximately four weeks following the date of the embryo transfer during which the fetal heartbeat(s) can be visualized. Your surrogate will continue on supplemental hormone therapy until approximately 9-12 weeks of pregnancy, after which she will "graduate" from care by the fertility clinic and begin seeing an obstetrician.

There is much more to the steps listed above as well as many more between pregnancy confirmation and delivery, which will be discussed in detail with you personally during the Registration Meeting and in writing via process letters as your surrogacy arragnement progresses.