Surrogacy - FAQs

Q: Do we pick the Surrogate or does she pick us?
A: Both - it is a mutual selection process. You will be provided with the profiles of Surrogates who most closely match with your stated preferences. Once you select a potential Surrogate, we will send her your profile (no confidential information is included in either profile) and give her an opportunity to decide whether she would be interested in meeting you.

Q: Where will the initial meeting with the Surrogate take place?
A: This depends upon the location and wishes of the parties. TThe initial meeting can be at our office or via video chat.

Q: Will we meet the Surrogate's husband?
A: If the Surrogate you select is married or has a live-in partner, yes, unless there is a very good reason why he cannot be present, i.e. he is in the military and on deployment. We feel it is important for both husbands and wives to participate in this decision that will be the starting point of a journey that will take about a year of their lives. We will cover all aspects of the anticipated surrogacy arrangement and many important issues; it is important to ensure everyone is in agreement on all issues.

Q: How do we know the Surrogate Mother will take care of herself?
A: Our Surrogate Mothers are carefully screened. They are all mothers with stable living situations who typically feel a heightened sense of responsibility when pregnant with a child not their own. We hold monthly Surrogate Support Group meetings in order to discuss any issues or concerns she may have and keep close contact before, during and after her pregnancy.

Q: How much contact will we have with the Surrogate Mother?
A: As much as you and your Surrogate desire. In your interview with Baby Miracles' Director, the level of involvement you wish to have before, during, and after the pregnancy will be explored to ensure the Surrogate candidate(s) you are presented have the same desires and expectations. This will also be thoroughly discussed during your meeting with a potential Surrogate.

Q: Do you work with International couples?
A: Yes. Because we work very closely in monitoring all aspects of a surrogacy arrangement, the location of the couple is not a significant factor in ensuring the arrangement proceeds smoothly and successfully. We will facilitate all of your arrangements via telephone, email and fax. Our staff members will be available for your surrogate mother and all of her needs. Our comprehensive surrogate support program is a great source of support and encouragement for all surrogates, especially those whose "couple" cannot be here personally to participate in the pregnancy. Additionally, we are happy to assist you with accommodation arrangements.

Q: How will the Surrogate's compensation be paid?
A: An Escrow account with an independent, bonded escrow company will be established from which compensation and expenses payable to or on behalf of your Surrogate will be paid in a timely fashion. You will receive escrow instructions setting forth various disbursements.

Q: What if the Surrogate changes her mind and wants to keep the baby?
A: The majority of our cases are based in California, which has very favorable surrogacy laws. In California, the courts look to the intent of the parties to the Contract to determine parental rights, so there is no legal grounds for the surrogate asserting parental rights. We can also represent couples whose surrogate resides in another state where the legal climate is "surrogacy-friendly," where there is solid case law. In addition to the very important legal aspect, we take steps to ensure the woman who carries your baby is psychologically sound and prepared to relinquish the baby upon birth. In fact, that is the very moment they are anxious for - to see your faces when you hold your baby for the first time. This is what being a Surrogate is all about for her. Your Surrogate knows that she can go home and get a good night's sleep and you will be the one to get up throughout the night to feed your newborn!

Q: Will our insurance cover the surrogacy?
A: Although your policy may provide coverage for some fertility-related expenses you may incur for your own fertility-related procedures, insurance policies do not cover third parties (your Surrogate). It will be necessary for you to pay all medical expenses for your Surrogate that are incurred at the fertility clinic and the Surrogate's health insurance will be utilized for prenatal care and delivery. There are financing options - see "Financial Information".

Q: Do most Surrogates have health insurance to cover the pregnancy?
A: Unfortunately, although most Surrogates have health care coverage, most health insurance companies have surrogacy exclusions. We review the Surrogate's policy to determine if there is exclusionary language and, if so, we will assist her in applying for an individual policy that has specific surrogacy coverage. You will be responsible for payment of premiums, co-pays and deductibles associated with maternity care and delivery.

Q: Is there a fee for the initial consultation?
A: No, Baby Miracles does not charge a fee for consultations, providing information or profiles of Surrogate candidates.

Q: What are some of the expected fees involved with surrogacy?
A: See "Financial Information".

Q: I am still trying to decide whether surrogacy or adoption is the better option, do you have any insight that could help?
A: The benefits of surrogacy (and surrogacy with egg donation, when appropriate) are extraordinary; it affords you the ability to have one or both parents genetically related to your child. Unlike adoption, you have knowledge and control over the prenatal environment before conception and throughout the pregnancy. You know that the womb in which your precious little one will grow is a healthy environment. You experience the pregnancy from conception through childbirth - not always an option through adoption. Importantly, there is no opportunity for the Surrogate to change her mind - the baby she carries is yours so you can relax and enjoy the pregnancy.

Q: How much communication can we expect to have with Baby Miracles?
A: We believe that good communication is the cornerstone to a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone. We provide our clients with process letters throughout their surrogacy arrangement, setting forth what to expect each step of the way. We will closely monitor your Surrogate's medication protocol, appointments, and status and report back to you (as will the clinic and your Surrogate). There are many steps in the process, but our job is to make the experience as carefree as possible for you and your Surrogate.

Q: What if we do not have a fertility physician or attorney?
A: Our years of experience with various professionals affiliated with third-party assisted reproduction allows us to make recommendations to professionals that will allow our clients the very best chance of success. We take the team approach -- everyone is on the same team and working toward the same goal - a healthy baby. We believe a successful surrogacy arrangement is not only having a baby, but having a wonderful journey in the process.

Q: Where do we begin?
A: You may either contact us via Online Inquiry or call our office directly to discuss whether we can be of assistance to you. We will send you comprehensive information relating to the surrogacy process and our program, as well as financial information relating to the estimated costs and expenses associated with surrogacy.