What our Surrogates are saying...

    "Being a Surrogate has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life.
After doing tons of research and interviewing with many agencies, I chose Baby Miracles as my avenue to help a family attain the dream of having children. Roxanne [the Director] was instrumental in deciding which agency to go with. A mother and four-time Surrogate herself, she answered all my questions and put me at ease from the moment we met. As a first-time Surrogate carrying twins, I was more than apprehensive, to say the least! Her kindness, knowledge, and professionalism has never faltered throughout my surrogacy....
  For anyone who is thinking about being a Surrogate, Baby Miracles is the way to go!"

  ~ Jay Jay 

Surrogate Compensation & Benefits

The greatest reward for being a Surrogate Mother is the experience itself, especially when you see the little miraacle you made possible in the arms of his or her mommy and daddy. The financial compensation is secondary, but, of course, an important factor as it allows many surrogates to provide things for their families that might not otherwise be possible.

Standard Compensation & Benefits

Other Potential Compensations

Multiples Fee - for each additional baby $5,000
Cancelled Cycle or Mock Cycle Compensation for taking medications for either a mock cycle to monitor endometrial lining development or an embryo transfer cycle that is subsequently canceled through no fault of the Surrogate $300
Cesarean Section- physician recommended or required For additional pain, childcare, and housekeeping expenses for 8 weeks post-delivery $3,000
Invasive Procedure: Amniocentesis, D&C, CVS, Cerclage $500
Selective Reduction $1,500
Termination of Pregnancy $2,500
Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery $1,000
Loss of Tube and/or Ovary $1,500
Hysterectomy (loss of uterus, up to 90 days post-partum) $6,000
Travel Expenses (paid or reimbursed by Prospective Parents) Transportation (own vehicle) - reimbursement for mileage over 30 miles round trip Air Travel - coach seating for Surrogate and a companion Rental Car or Car Service - In the event of air travel, transportation to and from airport of origin or destination; or parking expenses incurred for personal vehicle at airport of origin Hotel – If fertility clinic is not local to Surrogate, for screening and/or post-embryo transfer bed rest Food Allowance - associated with hotel stay, for Surrogate and a companion $0.56/mi Actual Cost Actual Cost Actual Cost Per Agency
Doctor-Ordered Bed Rest / Disability Documented net lost wages based upon income at time of matching -net after disability ins. Childcare Housekeeping Adjusted Net Up to $250/week Up to $100/week