What our clients are saying...


" As we write this letter, our surrogate is 24 weeks pregnant with our twins. As you can imagine, we are thrilled to be at this point in our surrogacy journey. At the same time, we have been down a long and difficult road and we have Baby Miracles and Roxanne Sarro to thank for getting us to this great place....
  If you are beginning your surrogacy journey or in the midst of it and changing agents or surrogates, we highly recommend that you work with Baby Miracles. Having worked briefly with another agency and having compared notes with lots of other intended parents, we think the other agencies just don't compare.
    As we look forward to finally being parents, we hope that Roxanne will forever be a part of our children's lives. We hope that she will be part of your and your children’s lives as well."

  C & G, Texas


Surrogacy is a wonderful opportunity for a couple to have a baby that is, in most instances, the biological child of one or both of the Prospective Parents. It is an exciting journey, and the agency you choose to work with is largely going to determine whether it is an enjoyable one as well. By the time many couples pursue surrogacy, they have endured years of fertilitiy treatments that have resulted in loss and disappointment. Surrogacy is not their first choice, but it may be the only one that will allow them to experience the joy of having a baby that is biologically related to one or both of them. As wonderful as that opportunity is, it can be overwhelming to contemplate trusting in a woman that they don't know to carry their most precious little one. That's where we come in. Baby Miracles has been helping couples for over 17 years to become parents. It is incredibly rewarding to see the sadness and anxiety turn into joy when they find out that they are "expecting".

Choosing the right agency is the first step in your surrogacy journey. There are many aspects of a surrogacy arrangement and working with a well-established and qualified agency is important to ensure (1) all necessary procedural aspects are handled timely and professionally, (2) that the funds deposited for payment of costs and compensation are disbursed appropriately, and (3) that you are provided with wonderful young woman who will be your Surrogate Mom to take this amazing journey with you.

Qualifying Criteria

Prospective Parents 

* have a medical necessity for using a Surrogate
* be a married couple (or in a long-term, committed relationship)
* have a stable relationship and live in a healthy environment conducive to raising children
* one of the couple must be 55 years of age or younger
* both partners must be committed to the surrogacy process
* be willing to interact with the surrogate and participate in the pregnancy to the greatest extent possible


* be between the ages of 23 and 36; exceptions may be made for repeat Surrogates and recent healthy pregnancies
* have borne at least one child whom she is currently raising
* have easy, uncomplicated pregnancies
* have a body mass index (bmi) that meets clinic guidelines (generally under 30.9)
* be healthy and free of sexually-transmitted diseases
* be a non-smoker for at least 3 years; has never taken illegal drugs
* not be alcohol-dependent and abstain from drinking any alcohol during pregnancy
* not receiving welfare (certain government aid assistance is acceptable, i.e. medical insurance)
* have a reliable, independent support system with the full support of her spouse (if any)
* have a stable, healthy living environment
* be willing to self-administer hormone injections (or have someone available to assist), if this is part of the clinic's protocol
* have a primary motivation other than financial compensation
* reside in a surrogacy-friendly state

Only about 10% of women who contact Baby Miracles to become a Surrogate Mother are accepted into our program. Not only must she meet the above criteria, we look for personal attributes such as sincerity, a pleasant demeanor, kindness, responsiveness, enthusiasm, a cooperative attitude, and appropriate motivations. Importantly, there needs to be a strong commitment to taking the very best care of herself and the baby she will carry.